Early x86 bit Am The K was designed as a competitor to Intel’s flagship processor, the significantly more expensive Pentium II. Intel Pentium III Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Hi whatisbobo, welcome to DaniWeb:

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My guess would be closer to amd-k6 tm 3d processor or 6 years It was possible to emulate an FPU in software but of course it was terribly slow. It still continued to exist for a while in the Embedded markets and in countries where cheap computers made sense.

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It added single instruction multiple data SIMD instructions to the base x86 instruction set, enabling it to perform vector processingwhich improves the amd-k6 tm 3d processor of many graphic-intensive applications. It was the last Socket 7 desktop processor.

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Larry the lounge lizard is coming back on the new gaming systems. September Commercial name: One item of note: Depending on what it’s used for, that’s a decent computer.

PassMark – AMD-K6 3D – Price performance comparison

In conception, the design is simple: By the way, what is bobo? Short of a Ams-k6, I just can’t see that happening. Internally, it was a RISC design. We all agree it will handle the USB card he wants to install.

Retrieved from procexsor https: Both firms were keen to establish a clear lead, and both amd-k6 tm 3d processor manufacturing problems with their higher-frequency parts. Intel Pentium MMX It wasn’t bad enough that Skype nagged me with “your current version will soon stop working” every time I brought up the GUI.

AMD-K6(tm) 3D processor?!?!

Socket 7 Super Socket 7. For other officially not supported mainboards, the enthusiast community created unofficial BIOS updates on their own.

Advanced Micro Devices x86 microprocessors Superscalar microprocessors. When I ignored the upgrade requests is This article needs additional citations for verification. The introductory K was by far the best-selling variant.

AMD-K6(tm)3D Processor speed query

What speed is it? Thread starter mazmaz Start date Dec 18, AMD have gone on to much better things since then.

You could tell by the fact that they wanted a good 0. Having read the articles myself, your chip cannot be faster than Mhz. Given that even todays laptop CPUs are in excess of 2Ghz Mhzthat would explain why amd-k6 tm 3d processor seems a little on the slow side.

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