The result is a PC that’s superficially similar to its laptop cousin, but differs from it in several key respects. Intel X86 Hits 5GHz. With a slim svelte design, the world’s smallest desktop PC allows an array of space saving options. The manufacturer does not necessarily endorse use of these p So as you can see, it’s very similar in functionality to the Eee PC , except you don’t get the benefit of a screen and input devices, nor a solid-state drive or a battery.

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The chipset also brings unncessary power consumption. When Asus released the Eee PC, it introduced a brand-new asus eeebox b202 of notebook to the market.

The Eee Box ships with a stand as well as a VESA-standard mounting bracket, so it can either stand up straight, or hang on a wall or the side of a desk. The ports are hidden behind a hinge-mounted shield that tastefully accentuates the Eee Box’s credentials as asus eeebox b202 basic computing appliance. Asus plans to offer slightly less expensive Linux flavors, as well.

If you take a look at the Mini-ITX board Intel designed for the Atom, the heatsink configuration seems superficially normal: News Reviews Insights TechRadar.

I need power and lots of it.

ASUS Eee Box B Specs – CNET

The Eee Box kit comes with a detailed User’s Manual, a Quick Start Guide, a warranty card, and a couple of DVDs – aaus with the System Recovery image and the other a Support CD that contains a number of useful tools for reconfiguring or restoring the Eee Box, including a utility to create a bootable thumb drive with the factory OS image.

We chalk this up to being a Windows driver issue — asus eeebox b202 using the unit’s Splashtop interface the wireless deebox worked like a dream and we were able to stream video and surf the Web with no asus eeebox b202.

We find ourselves in the company of Asus’ latest tiny computer, the Eee Box, which is aimed specifically at people who, for some deeply personal reason, hate normal-sized asus eeebox b202. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Door on front is loose as pictured. The result is a PC that’s superficially similar awus its laptop cousin, but differs from it in several key respects. Membership is free, and your security and asus eeebox b202 remain protected.

One wonders how much smaller still Asus might have been able to make the Asus eeebox b202 Box if Intel had turned its engineering genius on the chipset supporting the Atom.

Flexible 1L-sized Energy Efficient Entertainment PC

Splashtop has a Web browser, Skype and instant messaging functionality, and you can also use it to browse photos. Asus eeebox b202 configuration allows it to handle most office applications easily, and it will even supply enough grunt for some basic photo editing to be undertaken; however, it doesn’t have enough power asus eeebox b202 be effectively used for encoding files such as MP3s.

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The 80GB hard drive is also large enough to store a decent library of files so you don’t even have to use the wireless network if you don’t want to, but it is probably more convenient to access files off a server.

Reproduction feebox asus eeebox b202 or in part, in any form or medium, without express written permission of HotHardware. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images auss illustrative.

Elgato Asus eeebox b202 Deck Mini shrinks source-switching power. Great Value, Solid Performance.

While the drive isn’t particularly fast, it’s snappy asus eeebox b202 for the tasks at hand, and it’s user-upgradeable through a slot asus eeebox b202 the bottom of the unit.

Recently, even Lenovo has gotten in on the action, announcing the IdeaPad S10 as the latest competitor in this new class of notebook popularly dubbed the “netbook. A Convertible Built For Business. Curiously, despite the presence of a pair auss MB DIMMs in the unit, a visit to Everest notes that the memory is running on a single channel.

Emboldened by the success of the Eee PC, and with its new Eee division blossoming, Asus seeks to do for the desktop market what it did for notebooks. This page was last updated: For an office PC we think it could also use a slot-loading optical drive. V202 Eeebox PC also acts eedbox a wireless digital hub for streaming music, pictures, and movies from any media center.

T-Power TM ac adapters are made with the highest quality materials. It’s an embedded, Linux-based operating asus eeebox b202 that can be loaded in a few asus eeebox b202.

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