I tried getting the Promise driver to load but can’t seem to get it to do so, or if I did then something is amis. I went to Green Machine and checked it out. I went through the thread you sent. Got some work to do but this sounds promising. Already have an account?

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Please disable ad-blocking software or set an exception for MSFN. I always dread the ASUS site for downloads. Fsttrak about your troubles dude but I just went through a major crisis with a system with a Asus motherboard and the SATA setup was a nightmare for me.

Looking at the bios history from your specific motherboard at there site seems like a sata fix for each update they have done so be sure to have the latest bios which I believe is Sign up for a new account in our community.

I tried getting the Promise driver to load but can’t seem to get it to do so, or if I did then something is fasttrzk.

Before I attempted to load the driver for the controller I had the yellow question icon in device manager for the raid controller. I understand computers pretty well but this has me baffeled. This is the way to go.

Well, after a thorouh thrashing I am sure. I’ll get the third drive up and get a clean install and have my cake fasttak. If the Promise Fastrak controller is enabled in the mboard’s bios settings it probably is by defaultwhen you boot the computer you always see this first: I have not been to green machine either.

She always asks if the backup is current.

Promise Fastrack 378 SATA controller, Asus A8V Deluxe and Windows 7

MSFN is made available via donations, subscriptions and advertising revenue. Keeps me on my toes. The conclusion of the expert in the old post was that the drives were dead. What else could I try?

Use Question Form such as ” Why? It sort of has to be it seems like. The settings for RAID for the built into the main chipset drive controller are in the mboard’s bios Setup. Long days and long nights lately.

Download Promise FastTrack PATA/SATA RAID – MajorGeeks

If you want the operating system to be on the RAID array Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. If you don’t respond to that within x 5? By kaberdog99May 24, in Windows XP.

Check this thread out they are using the same promise drivers that asus uses and look what the cause was promise driver issue Hope this helps. The issue is either you didn’t use the setup utility to assign drives or raid or there is an issue with the drives physically or electrically in it’s attachment to the raid array. I usually do a pretty straight forward install and do not need to do back flips through flaming hoops. Thanks – back to work.

Promise Technology Inc All Drivers | DriverZone

fasttrzk If at least one drive is detected connected to the Promise Fastrak controller and is are being detected correctly, you’ll see a line that indicates the drive s has have been asys, and if at least two drives or possibly at least one is are detected, then THAT’S when you’ll see the line that tells you what keys to press to access it’s RAID utility Ctrl-F in this case?

You should have seen a hot key sequence before this or maybe after that says something to enter raid config. I have tried everything I can think of. Thats is WinXP see’s the array and all the data is there and it works fine.

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