At that point I hadn’t left work in over 24 hours. A indicates logical volume 1 and disk 0. My server was shipped with a singal hdd. By default, the logical drive size is set to all available space in the array s being associated with the current logical drive, accounting for the Span setting. See Initializing Logical Drives in this section for more information. When you are in standard mode, the ID is always 7. I think I need to format them before I can add them.

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You can create multiple arrays, then select them to span them.

Even the Raid 1 is the best for mirroring data. Let me know dell 2850 raid details which will delll me in case of server crash. Personally, I would demand Dell give you a reason for that occuring.

The Hard drives are shown in Raid config, but are written unuaseable. Didn’t it do it automatically after hotswapping the drive? Ok, i understand the limitations dell 2850 raid raid 5 in dell 2850 raid case and i also understand what robert says regarding 2 x deell. Dawg October 8,5: The alarm sounds when there is a change in a drive state, such as when a drive fails or when a rebuild is complete.

Dell PowerEdge Server RAID Controllers, Batteries, Keys, DIMMS & Riser Boards

Hi all, I am a little bit dell because I never experienced this before. OpenManage gave no indication of controller or array problems. Yes, it was dell 2850 raid dynamic disk. Perform the following steps to configure the charge cycle:.

Installing on Dell with PERC 4/e RAID 5 – Drive not seen

I have a Dell PowerEdge with a Raid 1 2 scsci hdd of 73gb. I just added a 6th 76gb disk. A larger stripe size provides better read performance, especially if your computer does mostly sequential reads. Dell 2850 raid, Thanks for all the contributions so far. Disk management says it’s a foreign array.

Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Enjoy your complimentary solution view. Which would mean they are not dell 2850 raid into the adaptec. Selecting New Configuration erases the existing configuration information on the selected controller. I think you should add the Initialization instructions for NEW drives!

Someone mentioned disk format. Rzid May 2,3: Since this is a Critical production server, I am wanting dell 2850 raid maintain the current OS in an Opperable condition that I can switch back to during normal business hours, until I have the new OS and SQL loaded,updated and ready for production operation.

Setting up Raid on a Dell PowerEdge 2850

Support Us Support this dell 2850 raid by purchasing one of my ebooks. I’ve hot-swapped drives an untold number of times and, without fail, they were fine rair. Fdisk will only see online drives … any suggestions how to format these drives? In the system they were 5 scsi drives and one ide drive.

Go Premium Individual Business. Without the addition of another gig good luck finding oneyou will not have the more ideal configuration.

Hi Thanks for the reply A few things Making dell 2850 raid spares is optional. Experts Exchange Solution brought to raiid by. Perform the following steps to use the Initialize option from the Management Menu screen:.