I’ll post back once I install XP and all my other goodies. You think I should downgrade to get my sound working? I’m going to try just a Unetbootin Ubuntu flash drive and see if that works, which I doubt; I will update this post with the results. You can verify this somewhere in the installation I forgot where exactly , but after re-installing including the drivers via nLite, the drives are recognized and function using the SATA protocol. It worked perfectly, and reduced the Windows footprint significantly! I may have sacrificed a tiny bit of FSB speed for a mountain of stability so-far.

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Vista installation is almost too easy I chose “Try Ubuntu without Installing” and I just have a fast blinking cursor Sign up for a new account in our community.

All I can find is some wierd. Anyway, any help you can give me on which SATA connector to use would be great.

Originally posted by selectodude: They all need DDR3. Jim Roseberry Max Output Level: Unfortunately none of these approaches work, for various reasons.

Unfortunately, the DP35DP does not support a floppy drive.

Intel DP35DP Mobo – Sata – AHCI or IDE? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Posted March 5, It pisses me off!!! Other times it doesn’t even try to load Ubuntu, and it just kind of stops short of booting.

pd35dp At this point, I’m on normal mode jumper cap on pins 1 and 2. I recommend Kext Helper for this purpose. Windows then finished loading in the normal way.

motherboard – Intel DP35DP No Boot – Super User

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Being wrong and admitting it is a far cry from being an asshole. Sun Aug 05, 6: Ahvi, not at all. I tried to load Ubuntu I just cant downgrade my bios Originally posted by Trout Mask Replica: Sun Aug 05, 3: The rest of the manufacturers are RAM agnostic.

I am considering giving up on XP and installing Vista. Posted June 7, Sign in Already have an account?

Intel DP35DP and SATA?

Sata Hard Drive 3: I built another computer with it, and it’s performing well in software development. Thanks for any ideas.

Feb 11, Posts: I am not understanding this either. So I decided to shutdown PC and do a fresh installation from scratch.