I sent Epson an email last night and they told me to clean the heads. In August it quit working and was replaced at no charge by Epson. I’ve had my ups and downs with them, but their product still is the best fit for me. I’ve been trying to come up with something. Get a waste receptacle, such as a small cup or something to catch the ink, and place it under the TOP tube.

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So now I just have to wait and be lrinter until they are convinced that even my cx is a piece of crap too. This one was used at home. I had the same problem.

Anyone know if cartridge-based cleaners work? You will probably have to aim espon tube with your fingers or a pair of pliers into the cup.

He said that each time you do it it gets progressively stronger. I was told I had two options, repair or buy a new one. What about people who work? CNET may get a commission from these offers. My CX problem was the same as yours, even 1 year beyond warranty. Loved the software that came with it.

Epson CX | FixYourOwnPrinter

Then I will sell it to the first sucker who wants epon. Funny, I got the to work somewhat, it’s not like it was when new, but it prints, and now it’s replacement, which I guess I thought would be better, is just the same piece of crap. Another fix I’d like to see invented is a detachable ink cartridge holder for ease of removing and cleaning with a cheap cleaner rather than with expensive ink that just makes the clogs worse.


We are done with Epson. Yeah I epsoj called just a minute ago and had my parents whose printer it is find the receipt the purchase date was August 6th, I was expecting more sponges and a tray which was possibly located under the cartridge holder.

Just got off the phone with customer service. I am on here trying yo fix my Epson CX right now. I was very pleased with the way the Epson rep handled my call. C4600 had purchased the printer at Best Buy and Best Buy was really nice about printing me a duplicate receipt so that I would have some paperwork in front of me when I called Xc4600.

I returned to the store and got a replacement only to have that one go blank.

Thanks for everyones tips. Ok what seems to be the problem.

So I called from work and the gal didn’t want to help me because I wasn’t at home with the printer. Sooooo, I just unplugged it and put it in my garage. The XP “Small-in-One” printer turns in high scores for print prnter, a versatile I am on my second set of replacement cartridges and I print a lot of photos Printer utility said, “Parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life.

Epson CX4600

I was doing a head cleaning yesterday when the error light went on and all lights started flashing. Address box to Epson America, Inc. I already have a CX that I purchased for my daughter and have not given to her c4x600, so will put that into use while I play the support game with Epson.

It prints Pink in every color when it prints and other times it just doesn t print. I dont know if i peson be posting here but i really like there printers and i own 3 that i never have any problems with it helps to know how to repair and take care of them. And to my surprize it works!! I stayed with her on the line, wpson her it worked okay for over a year, I liked Epson until now, I’ll have to buy other brand, blah blah blah. The black panel easily pops out after gently levering from the left top side.