Page 14 Classification of the Scanning Features Continued Password Select a password required for the login User Name or set the password that corresponds to login User Name man- ually. Power Indication Light Item selected turns into turn-over indication. The default setting is [1: LCD screen The LCD screen displays the print controller status, menus used for settings, selection items, and other such information.

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Help! Win 7 Driver for Konica Minolta C interfaced to Fiery X3eTY 50C-KM PS v?

Classification Of The Scanning Features Overview Overview This section 500c-km instructions to register destinations of scanned data before using the scanning features. Original Document Type The [E-Mail Address] is highlighted. When you touch a key and open a setting screen, the selected key is displayed with its colors black on white reversed or inverted white on black.

Before Using The Scanning Features Before Using The Scanning This section explains how to register with the control panel. Key Operator Mode Chapter 5: Fiert can access the scanned data which you transmitted to FTP from a remote computer and download it. Fiery Remote Scan plug-in The [Keyboard Input] screen appears.

Pop up screen appears. In this mode, the document is scanned completely to the edges. Chapters Table Of Contents Selecting The Storage Location hdd To make settings, touch the key displayed on the screen.

Overview Of The Scanning Features In the HDD there are boxes acting as folders and scanned data is saved in the x3rty box. The [Anonymous] displayed does not appear on a usual keyboard screen. Registration Of E-mail Address You can check those when the [Scanning setting basic] screen is displayed by the following procedures: Selecting The Destination queue If the destination FTP is already registered, the profile name appears.

Touch [Input key indicate]. Set the Title as follows: Check Settings For Scanning If you have selected the other transmission object or destination, skip the procedure 1 to retain and edit the set- tings you have made already.

You can exit the selected transmission object mode by touching the same button again. Change The Current Settings Color Mode colour Mode When you select the item on procedure 1 that has settings on the [Scanner setting basic] screen, the [Scanner setting basic] screen appears.

Fiery X3eTY 50C-KM Manuals & User Guides

Table of contents Introduction The default setting is [AUTO]. When [AUTO] is 50c-kmm, the size of the original available to be read is the same as the default in the copy mode.

Press [SCAN] button on the control panel.

About how to use the [Firewall], please ask network administrator.