Does the manual indicate at any point in it who the actual maker of the device is? I had three of them beofore I got my money back. Scoobert Member Oct 21, It took minor acts of god to get the thing going, but once it was going, it would at least keep the system somewhat running. For the last day I’ve been tirelessly trying to get this hdd enclosure to work properly for my gb Seagate.

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Jul 5, Posts: Fmi compusa the manual indicate at any point in it who fmi compusa actual maker of the device is? Dont use unless totally necesary. I used to work at compusa and well sold rebagged FMI powersupplies under our name. Welcome to the Ars OpenForum.

Don’t see a thing Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. While everything worked perfectly with my laptop, my desktop fmi compusa be picky about which external HDD it can use.

HSP FMI (CompUSA) (SKU )() Free Driver Download for Windows 98, 95

ckmpusa Thanks in advance for the help. One fried it’s self fmi compusa 2 weeks, and the other one a fan berring went out with in the first 5 hours of service.

So take that for what’s its worth. Fri Jul 27, It’s gotta be rebadged from something else, I can’t imagine them making their own components. Since it did not cost you anything, why not give it a shot.

There is no set comppusa for USB, so some fmi compusa use different drivers, etc. Aug 25, Posts: If you don’t trust it, you could always use it as a doorstop. The best thing to do though is maybe return it and try a different brand. Might that be an antec psu? The specific model of the enclosure is CompUSA 3. fmi compusa

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The time it takes me to get a system out from where it lives, opened up, power supply removed, fmi compusa and put back is worth far, FAR more than the diffence between a cheap supply and a brand name one. Aug 30, Posts: Even that was a huge upgrade. I have never had a delta or sparkle fail on me before.

That fmi compusa the problem.

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One batch may be pretty good while the next may be dog dung. I had fmi compusa take it out and really push hard to get the pins in correctly. It fmj already formatted.

Fri Jul 27, 9: IF so check the manufacturer’s web page. Your new hardware fmi compusa not work properly. Myren fractal Ars Praefectus Tribus: Then pop it in the enclosure.

May 17, Posts: