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If I turn the speed down, I can get the in game movement to be almost in sync with the mouse movement, but then it’s so slow that I have to pick up the mouse and move it across the pad times just to spin in a circle.

WideloadNov 15, Take it out of its package, review the manual, put the batteries in, plug in the USB stick, turn it on and start to play — its that easy.

Lots of different places! They suggest that my FragPro wireless is faulty and have offered a warranty replacement, so I’m sending it back to them tomorrow. Jan 4, at 9: Been travelling for 6 hours today so got to do some unpacking but I’ve got Thai food on the way and there will be gaming tonight!!!

FragNStein PS3 Controller

Nov 14, at 5: Is this illegal or banned in tournament play? There appears to be no intention to discredit your product, merely established members citing issues with it, and finally, any “legal action”, unless stipulated fragnsteinn not apply here in the UK, only in the country it is taken in.

We offer a free USB firmware upgrade, we offer free tweak software and the FRAGnStein has on-the fly adjustments that let you compensate for fast and accurate play. Thanks x 1 List.

FragFX v2 | Page 12 | AVForums

They have said that they will send me a replacement unit once it arrives. Jan 3, at 4: Nov 14, at fragnstfin Advertise Contact Us Location Newsletter.

Discussion in ‘ Playstation Forums ‘ started by ducksonJan 9, WideloadJan 13, I tried both level 5 and level 1 and could detect no difference in the mouse performance what so ever.

Sans fragstein batteries, both the fragchuck and the mouse actually feels extremely light, but once you load up the batteries and you need three AAA on fragnsteein sidethe weight pretty much becomes a non-issue.

Will try it on an XP machine that I have at work today.

If I move the mouse a little quicker, I’ll see movement in the game but it’s delayed from my actual movement, and moves in big chunks, making it impossible to make any small movements. Paul GeeJan 13, Thank you in advance dude. What about gamer play features? I have the Frag FX2 but can’t get used to it Dave.

Bannco’s Fragnstein

That is, if they are indeed legitimate accounts. Nov 12, at 2: Silky smooth no lag game play. Baggy69Nov 14, Are you on the latest firmware? I decided to persevere with my Bannco. Hello, I just got the new wireless controller from SplitFish last night.

I’ve applied the latest firmware update 2.

See if that helps. Nov 11, at 5: We strive to be the best — if for any reason you are not satisfied with your FRAGnStein, simply return it.