For whatever reason, we’ve become conditioned to associate quality images with complex devices. HP’s PhotoSmart Photofinishing application addresses all these issues in a single, exceptionally easy-to-use, well-integrated application. The bulkiness was gone and the C20 became a cute compact digital camera. The Photosmart C20 was announced As we’ll discuss later, you can also pre-assign standard image output sizes to the different image quality settings, helping to further automate the printing process. Of course, this would have put our much-loved exposure-compensation function one more button-press away from immediate accessibility. We found that the flash did a good job of throttling-down its power for close-up shooting, although it would wash out light-colored subjects at the camera’s closest focusing limit.

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The output voltage of NiMH and NiCd rechargeable cells is a bit lower than that of alkaline batteries. When you scroll past the end of the 9 images shown on the screen, the camera will display a fresh set of 9 on the screen for you to digitql from. Other reviews on this site address the PhotoSmart scanner, and the system seen as a whole, including the PhotoSmart printer. The normal focusing range is from 2 feet 50 cm to infinity, while the macro range works from 8 inches We mentioned the ergonomic, curved housing of the camera in the overview: While you’re viewing images, pressing the “Menu” button brings up the menu system with the default selection set to “Erase?

Once you’ve pressed “OK” though, the screen returns to a live viewfinder display of whatever the camera is pointed at, with the effect of the exposure compensation fully evident. I like to know that I have the backup and plan on staying in business for a long time to come.

Packzrd program will display thumbnails of all the images, allowing you to select the ones you’re interested in. We find ourselves using this capability fairly frequently when it’s accessibleand so prefer to have it immediately accessible.

HP Photosmart c20 Basic Manual

In the case of the C20, if you just press the shutter button arbitrarily, it will take as much as a second a rough estimate for the lens to focus and the shutter to fire. Combined with the f2. When you activate pnotosmart AF function, you’ll have to allow about a second for the focus mechanism to operate, and the light level will need to be brighter than about EV 7.

The camera always powers-up with the flash in one of its two “auto” modes. One note though, ;ackard the indicator moves down from half-full, you’ll have very little charge remaining hewllett your battery pack: This was also a super buy with all the accessories that the buyer included, I especially liked the optional leather bag that I am using for my newer 5 pixel HP camera. But we’re going to introduce them here anyway ;- They’ve long been associated with imaging of one sort or another, through their broad line of printers and scanners.

Fortunately, we found that it worked quite well, retaining enough of the lighting coloration to preserve the “feeling” of the shot, without the color cast overpowering the subject colors. The optical viewfinder is marked to show the approximate field of view for both normal and macro shots, and also contains vertical and horizontal registration marks at its center, to aid in positioning and orienting the camera relative to the subject.

In autofocus mode, this delay stretches to upwards of two seconds.

Hewlett-Packard – – The free camera encyclopedia

In fact, with the exposure compensation set up all the way, we found that the camera could totally blow-out an exposure at a light level of EV5. All this really means is that the exposure-adjustment control works just as you’d expect it to, regardless of whether you’re using flash or not.

HP Packxrd C20 1.

A “saturation” slider controls the intensity of the colors. The color tools are similarly intuitive: A general rule of thumb is that an amateur photographer can hand-hold for exposures as long in seconds as the inverse of the lens focal length in mm.

Once the exposure and focus is set in this fashion, they will stay “locked” at the selected settings as long as you hold down the shutter button. Thus, as far as camera shake is concerned, you need to act as though you’re shooting with ISO film. The exposure adjustment isn’t interactive at all though, despite the fact that it shows a portion of the last viewfinder scene on the LCD panel while you’re making the adjustment.

We did notice one quirk with NiMH batteries in the C20 though: On the other hand, if you’ve explicitly turned the flash off, it will reset itself to “auto” mode on the next power-up. This is a very broad range, but in actual use, we found we could achieve entirely adequate exposures at light levels as low as EV ! A circular, rainbow-hued color control lets you adjust the overall color cast of an image very easily and interactively.

Campared to the cheapo 5 megapix no-name company camera, this 1 MP camera is really amazing in pic quality. The autoexposure system on the C20 operates “through the lens” TTLso it is less likely to be affected by stray light than otherwise, but is still subject to being fooled by unusual subjects, whether a light object against a dark background, a backlit subject, or one that’s unusually uniform in overall brightness such as a snow or beach scene.

Using their PCs and the HP PhotoSmart printer and photographic paper, padkard can produce snapshots, reprints, and creative projects in the comfort of their own homes. A nice photosmrt of the C20’s interface software is that it provides a significant digutal of automation: