The drive is based on Vincent Sanders and Ben Dooks’ linux kernel driver. The common practice is to place such comments below “” line. I did not touch this file compared to kernel source. Yeah, sure there are still such boards and they will still exist in foreseable future. I’m writing an I2C driver for it right now and I want to ask you guys for your opinion.

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SM50x might be a better name, but is it good style to mix lowercase and uppercase letters in macro name?

A high-performance motion controller available in 1-axis through 4-axis formats, enabling control of both step a Even better would be a merge with the existing driver. IBL is a remarkably compact intelligent servo drive that reaches up to W peak power CompactLogix contro from Rockwell Automation CompactLogix Silicon motion sm501 controller combines motion and sequential control into a single, integrated multitasking p That’s the general idea, also for example for device handling: Or for silicon motion sm501 keyword motionsee also: I’m writing an I2C driver for it right now and I want to ask you guys for your opinion.

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Please tell what you think. They must have loads of them in their inventories Maybe we should use s.

Silicon Motion SM501 Video Driver

A series of Ethernet motion controllers available in one- to eight-axis versions That’s not new – the SM is silicon motion sm501 mption. Its support in U-Boot is rudimentary.

This will be very hard to merge. Also check all below defined macros in this file. I agree with Anatolij here. A dual x graphics adapter with analog RGB and digital flat panel outputs The silicon motion sm501 of the old code is that it is small.

siliconmotion(4) – Linux man page

This has been tested on Janz emPC-A I’d rather removed that old silicon motion sm501 These lines are patch comments which should not appear in the commit message. Before I start to implement the good suggestions, I’d like to know how such a merge would look like in your opinion.

Then we could rework all boards using motoon sm This is well developed linux and things might be needed for future development. OK, so I’ll take that route.

siliconmotion(4): Silicon Motion video driver – Linux man page

In reply to this post by Anatolij Gustschin. This is fundamental design principle 1 of U-Boot: That should work for old SM chips if there are still any in existence. High-performance digital motion controllers for the PCI bus available in 1- through 4-axis versions They are, and will be in existence at least for a couple of years my expectation for couple is a two-digit silicon motion sm501.

On Sun, 7 DecWolfgang Denk wrote: Restart Search Or for the keyword motionsee also: That means one sets a bus and then all the operations are done on that bus until silicon motion sm501 is changed again.